If you’re looking to grow your business around Louisville in the upcoming year, check out these four things you should be doing to make it happen in 2019.

Consider every aspect of the customer journey

Take the customer’s perspective into consideration for everything you do. This mindset should drive every decision you make—from how your brick and mortar location looks to how easy your website is to navigate to how you utilize your social media presence (hint, don’t just show pictures of your products and try to sell on social). Step into the shoes of your customer and begin to zero in on how you can provide a unique experience that your competitors don’t.

Set defined goals for growth

“I want to increase the sales of my business,” isn’t a goal. Every business wants to increase sales, but setting a vague goal is hard to reach. A better aim looks like this, “I want to increase our sales by $50,000 in 2019.” Now, you can start asking the right questions. How many products do you need to sell to hit that target? How many new customers will you need to acquire? Set the goal, and then walk backward to lay out the path to get there.

If you can, sell your product online

There’s no sense in only offering a product through a brick and mortar location if you can expand to the whole country. Offering a few products or product lines through your website to familiarize yourself with the process of shipping products and handling inventory is your safest way to enter. When you feel ready to expand and offer more products online, put them on your site and let the growth continue.

Get search engines to fall in love with your website

Getting in the good graces of Google and the other search engines is pivotal for the growth of any business. When people look for services or products you offer—you’ve got to be in the results. There are plenty of ways to make this happen. For starters, make sure your site is optimized for mobile use, research keywords to ensure you’re hitting the right targets, optimize the backend of your site for SEO, and start creating content on a consistent schedule. A minimum of two blogs a month is a good goal. There’s plenty of work to be done just within these four focus points, and we haven’t even talked about your social presence yet. Working hard enough to be able to focus on growth for your business is an accomplishment in itself—so take time to celebrate that too.