60 second marketing thoughts:

Let’s talk about social media. Every month we work with clients who are racing to establish themselves on Facebook and Instagram. They have products or services to sell, and they’re pushing them hard across these channels. And while establishing a social media presence is great, think about your own social media use. People aren’t on social media to be sold to (even when product is really, truly awesome). They’re looking for entertainment, education, or information. If you aren’t providing one of those things, then consumers aren’t going to be super interested in engaging with your content. (I’m far from the first person to say this, but it bears repeating.)

Instead of looking at social media posts as a way to drive 1:1 sales, think about SM as a tool for building your brand and creating a genuine community. Lift the veil and share information about your company, your employees, your favorite clients, your end users, your industry, and your local area. Today’s savvy, informed consumers are looking for the human element of every business — or at least a funny story with entertainment value.

Instead of shining the light on yourself and your products or services with a BUY NOW link, remember to turn that spotlight outward. When people see themselves reflected in the stories you tell — when they’re engaged by the narrative of your brand or business – their engagement goes up. And over time, that can give you exactly the results you’re after.